Sample Sundays: A Farewell Dedication

James Bell/Staff

That’s right, people. If you didn’t read the title (who even reads these days?), this is my sign off. I’m figuratively retiring my jersey, hanging up my cleats, taking off my gloves, unplugging the mic (I may pick one up some day, but for now I’ll continue to spit unintelligible
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Sample Sundays: “High Friday” Edition

What up y’all. This Friday was 4/20. So, I hope you’ll forgive me for any and all errors, as things have been a little hazy recently. But despite any clouds or odd and inviting smells you and I have encountered (or created) this past weekend, I still got you on the
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Sample Sundays: From Ohio to Harlem

What’s good freaks and geeks? It’s Sunday, so it’s sample time suckas. It is also National Cruise Day. Now, I don’t think this day actually exists, but maybe it will swiffer the nation if enough people grab their girl, their boys, or just a guy on the street who needs
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Sample Sundays: Top Five Study Break Jams

What up y’all? Dead week is here. And that means finals are coming up. So, in my last Sample Sunday post before finals get here (don’t worry, I’ll be back) I’ve decided to compile my Top Five Study Break Jams, with their samples included of course. You’ve got a lot
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Sample Sundays: “Big Poppa” between the sheets

What up y’all? Sample Sundays is here once again to bring the “Flava In Ya Ear” like Craig Mack (If only he would’ve been on a different record label). Now, after all that Thanksgiving food has been digested, and you’re feeling especially rotund, portly, obese, morbidly obese, what have you,
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Sample Sundays: Michael McDonald

It’s Sample Sunday time people, and you can be “any geek off the street” to read, listen and enjoy. This week’s sample comes from one of the originators blue-eyed soul (white people singing soul music) – Michael McDonald. Over his career, McDonald has sung back-up vocals for Steely Dan, been
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Sample Sundays: Isaac Hayes

So this year “Halloween [doesn’t fall] on a weekend,” but you can still bump the tracks in this week’s Sample Sunday when you and your people go out trick-or-treating on Monday (Who says there is an age limit when it comes to free candy anyway?). Today’s sample comes from one
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