Unlocking the future at graduation

I have this thing about keys. When I was a kid, we were forever getting locked out of our house. I didn’t understand what it meant then; I thought we just needed the right keys. When I grew up, I knew better. I knew what an eviction was, what “foreclosure”
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Pardon the interruption

NATIONAL ISSUES: Former ASUC Senator and UC Berkeley alumnus Ju Hong took a bold stand by interrupting President Obama’s speech.

Going into President Barack Obama’s big immigration speech last week in San Francisco, few expected to hear anything beyond his usual pro-reform stump speech. In the middle of Obama’s remarks, however, it was quickly apparent that there was nothing usual about this event. Among the many people standing behind the
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We needed the BART strike

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Because of the impasse in negotiations, BART workers had no choice other than striking to win necessary workplace reform

The recently concluded BART strike, although inconvenient for Bay Area commuters and costly to the local economy, was an action unfortunately made necessary by last week’s impasse in negotiations. BART’s management and the unions, who appeared to be far apart with their final offers on pay increases, employee health care
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A dangerous precedent

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Chevron needs to be more transparent about a plan that may shed light on the fire at its Richmond refinery earlier this month.

Chevron prides itself on accountability. On its website, the oil company cites two principles that guide its actions in the workplace: “do it safely or not at all” and “there is always time to do it right.” Yet in the wake of the recent Richmond refinery fire, some of Chevron’s actions
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BART officials propose designating area for reporters at protests

Following the detention of at least six journalists at a protest Thursday, Bay Area Rapid Transit officials have proposed new guidelines for media that would create a designated area in the station for reporters to cover protests. The idea is to have reporters stand behind a line to ensure their
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