Picks of the week: Spring break

Many of us go home (or to Cabo) for spring break, but for those of us who call the Bay Area home and are staying in Berkeley for the break, there’s still plenty of to do in the area. Whether it’s going to see high-brow theatre, an iconic band live,
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Ronald Guttman and Stacy Ross.

SF Playhouse brings forgotten artist back to life

Like Picasso, Kandinsky and Klee, Rudolf Bauer lived for and was one of the original masterminds of non-objective or abstract art. In 1938, Bauer was imprisoned by the Nazis for his “degenerate” art but risked his life by trading cigarettes for pencils and scavenging for scraps of paper to continue
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San Francisco Playhouse’s ‘Jerusalem’ squanders technical excellence with erratic plot

Despite its religious title, Jez Butterworth’s “Jerusalem” is absolutely anything but. Inspired by the poetry of William Blake, San Francisco Playhouse’s latest follows a day in the life of a 40-something, drug-dealing squatter and his eccentric clan of inebriated, amphetamine-craving teenagers. Johnny “Rooster” Byron (Brian Dykstra), a modern-day Falstaff and
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