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Having a car in Berkeley: social currency or burden?

During CalSO, we were told that we wouldn’t need a car in Berkeley. What the counselors didn’t mention was the convenience and freedom that we were potentially sacrificing, like how it easily takes double the time to get some place via bus, how you’re limited in how many groceries you
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Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations

Interview with Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations

Watch a video interview with the founder of the sex toy shop Good Vibrations. Joani Blank, who opened the first location in San Francisco 1977, advertised the store as sex-positive and women-oriented. Click here to read more about the history of Good Vibrations and how the chain is doing today.


Local sex shop chain experiences massive growth

In the four years I’ve been reporting for The Daily Californian, it wasn’t until I attended the post-renovation grand re-opening of the Berkeley location of Good Vibrations that I found the holy grail of party favors: a free vibrator given away with a smile to anyone who wished the sex
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Local Limelight: Rin Tin Tiger

Bringing it back closer to the East Bay, this week’s band is Rin Tin Tiger, a folk rock trio from San Francisco. The trio’s acoustic melodies and twang-infused vocals ebb and flow over each track, with switched up tempos keeping listeners on their toes. The band has toured all along
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Measure S won’t help merchants, and it won’t help Berkeley

As Berkeley merchants, we want our businesses to be financially successful, but we also care about the city around us — keeping our communities safe, thriving and diverse and maintaining the values that make Berkeley a uniquely wonderful place. That is why we oppose Measure S as the wrong approach
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