How to eat healthy using just meal points

It is a common misconception that pursuing ‘clean eating’ with a meal plan is as difficult as trying to attend every single 8 a.m. lecture. How are they analogous? They both start off with a heightened sense of optimism, only to be doused by that piece of pecan pie at
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Montague’s vs. Cheese ‘n’ Stuff

Though Cheese ‘n’ Stuff has been gracing our Berkeley community with delicious subs for more than a quarter decade, a new sandwich shop entered the Berkeley food scene a few years ago: Montague’s Gourmet Sandwiches. Though each shop’s sandwiches are certainly distinctive from each other, both are close to campus,
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Cheese n Stuff (1)

4 of Berkeley’s favorite sandwich shops

Take a look at a sandwich. Hold it between your hands, and you note that it’s really nothing more than a hodgepodge of neatly stacked ingredients between two slices of bread. It’s simple and foolproof, or in other words, it’s something you can’t mess up even if the kitchen is
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Chicharron sandwich - seasoned pork with crunchy red onion and cabbage between hot, buttery buns.

Goodbye to Brasa, the Peruvian ‘joint’

As both a freshman and a foodie, one of the first things I set out to do upon my arrival at Cal was to survey Berkeley’s local food scene, which I discovered is not only thriving but also growing. After scouring the likes of Yelp and Open Table, Brasa caught my
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