Michael Drummond/Staff

UC Berkeley students: we’re 1 of a kind

The term “Berkeley bubble” exists for a reason. When you go back home and step back into the real world, you realize that some instinctive Berkeley habits may be out of place or simply unacceptable. Here’s a sampling of things that would fail to make you bat an eyelash at UC
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Campus protest thoughtfully convinces the undecided

UC Berkeley is well-endowed — not only with resources, but also with a rich tradition of social activism. On the pavement covering Sproul Plaza, under the London Plane trees, protesters have assembled for generations to stamp their feet and shout rallying cries that tingle one’s tingly bits. This past week, there was a protest that some
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Wheeler Auditorium(2)

Coincidences when you sit next to someone new

We’ve all been there. You show up later than usual to lecture, and thus face the dilemma of having to sit somewhere other than your go-to spot. Perhaps you’re even forced to sit next to someone new. That’s quite the conundrum indeed. But it isn’t all bad — in fact, you
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