Barbary Joshua Bote Senior Staff

The Barbary tent plays 2nd banana at Outside Lands

The Barbary at Outside Lands isn’t exactly the place for conventionally “cool” festival attendees, the ones raising meme-bearing poles and sweatily sharing blunts at Major Lazer. The comedy tent, which was curated in conjunction with SF Sketchfest, brings together the folks who discuss the Broadway transfer of “Oh, Hello” and
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Berkeley: A new haven for cinephiles

When people think of cities with vibrant film cultures, only two places tend to come to mind: Los Angeles and New York. Which, to be fair, is expected. There’s Los Angeles — the home of Disney, Warner Brothers Studios and almost all other major studios. It’s arguably the entertainment capital
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John Mulaney Comedy Special

John Mulaney charms with deadpan attitude in Netflix special

“Saturday Night Live” has produced an incredible number of talented comedians, from early stars such as Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and John Belushi, to more recent favorites such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg. But it’s easy to forget that there are people who work behind the scenes
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Interview with Jena Friedman, Field Producer at The Daily Show

Jena Friedman is a field producer at “The Daily Show,” where she primarily focuses on correspondent segments. A stand-up comedian, screenplay writer and web series producer of the acclaimed “Ted and Gracie” satire, Friedman began her stint in late-night television as a writer for the “Late Show with David Letterman”
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Why ‘SNL’ might be irrelevant

An open letter to “Saturday Night Live”: Diversify your cast. How freakin’ hard could it possibly be? This let’s-just-hire-white-male-actors schtick season after season is getting old. Diversify your cast because if you fail to do so, you fail to be relevant to America. Hire a black woman. For your 39th
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Stand-up comedian proves that wit can be classy

Cobb’s Comedy Club’s two drink minimum policy may be intended to liquor up its audience — thereby rendering every comedian side-splittingly funny — but no social lubrication was required for John Mulaney, former “Saturday Night Live” writer (remember Stefon, anyone?) who performed standup on July 13 in the North Beach
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Tom Hanks Tuesday: Saving Saturday Night Live

Here’s a new math formula for all y’all out there studying for midterms that involve numbers: (T) + *LT* = BSNLE I’ll break it down for those who are unfamiliar with my specific brand of mathematical notation. 1. The “T” stands for a celebrity whose first name or last name
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