How to use leftover cranberry sauce

If Swedish meatballs and lingonberries work for Ikea, why wouldn’t cranberry sauce and turkey taste just as good? The idea of eating cranberry sauce at times besides Thanksgiving may make you scoff, and the thought of pairing berries with meat may seem like an outlandish concept. Often neglected at the
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Make pizza from scratch

Here at Eating Berkeley, we’re obsessed with pizza — vegetarian, vegan, Hawaiian, meat lover’s, pizza with cheesy sauce — as long as it’s considered pizza, we’ll eat it. We’ve hit up every pizza store you can think of, from Cheese Board and Sliver to Fat Slice and Blondie’s. But now it’s
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Spaghetti sauce: fully loaded

Cooking in college for your first time can either be exciting or terrifying. It is wonderful to get to cook exactly what you want, how you want it, without needing to consider other people’s preferences. But this can be also terrifying for many students who have never bought their own groceries
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