Carpe (per) diem

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As college students, we always seem to be complaining about our lack of money. Budgeting is really just an added burden to studying, sleeping and doing laundry, and it’s all too easy to open our wallets and let those little green papers take care of our troubles. No wonder students find themselves short on
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Best discounts for students in Berkeley

College is expensive. Unfortunately, that’s the sad, stark reality of our lives right now. After buying all the required textbooks and course readers, our wallets are getting a bit thin. But that’s not all. We also need to buy food, pay rent, do laundry— the list goes on and on.
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How to save for that perfect Cabo spring break

Now it may only be week five, but we can’t help that our minds are already wandering to our spring break plans. But it is actually never too early to start saving money so we can fulfill these little daydreams that are constantly triggered each time a professor says the
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Where to shop and how to save at the grocery store

We actually enjoy grocery shopping. It’s a very Zen process of wandering down the expansive aisles with a singular task. With no real thinking, it’s a welcome relief from the taxing weekdays. But what is not so Zen is getting to the cash register and seeing a price much higher than you expected
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