Cal football schedule features early homestand, tough finish

Unlike last season, when the Cal football team alternated between home and road games for the majority of the season, the schedule this year features many consecutive home or road games. While a more alternating schedule often causes coaches to look at games on a week-by-week basis, having consecutive home
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Education 101

Back to Straya

While the semester is well underway at UC Berkeley with round two of midterms creeping up, in Sydney classes have barely begun. Although it may now only be week two for me, it’s all I’ve needed to notice how different the American and Australian systems are. Block schedules Everyone brags when
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A comprehensive list of things we don’t need

These days it seems as though everyone is constantly trying to push something on someone, whether that be political opinions or ad sponsorships, lifestyle changes or unwarranted fashion advice. To illustrate all of the extraneous nonsense that we could do without, we at the Clog have compiled a comprehensive list
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Tips and tricks for using Schedule Planner

What’s the most surprising thing that’s come out of 2016? Some might say the Donald Trump presidential campaign, some might say the album Beyonce casually decided to drop over the weekend — but we’re going to go with the fact that the administration has somehow managed to come up with a
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