Being at Cal is not the same thing as being a Golden Bear

School spirit is a strange concept. It’s not something that you automatically start with, but when you build it, it’s not going anywhere. Having school spirit is like being a fan of a sports team. The pride of being at the college of your dreams is expected to translate to supporting the team in the stadium. However, that’s not always true. I don’t see a complete reflection of the pride of being a UC Berkeley student in pride in being a Golden Bear.
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Quiz: Where will you end up this gameday?

As the first gameday approaches, so does the uncertainty of where you will end up by gameday night. Whether you’re the type of gamedayer that actually goes to the football game, or the type that lives at Top Dog for the whole day, we here at the Clog thought of
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Cal gear to get while your parents are in town

We at the Clog love our parents, and we especially love how excited they are for us that we go to the No. 1 public university in the world. So for the few days that they’re around while you’re moving in, you should take advantage of that excitement to go Cal
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Quiz: How well do you know the Cal Drinking Song?

With the fall semester approaching and game days quickly around the corner, we at the Clog are sure you’re wondering how well you know the Cal Drinking Song. After teaching you how to memorize the lyrics, we thought you’d like to test your new knowledge. Fill in the blanks of
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Clog’s guide to learning the Cal Drinking Song

It’s the work of art that acts both as a school anthem and as an agent in our unification, the tune symbolizing our trademark intensity and a secret spell that will immortalize the college experience. For this monstrous power to be so underutilized by the student body — well, that’s
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