The Book Nook: prepare yourself for ‘Ender’s Game’

The book: “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card Suggested for: Anyone who likes intelligent science fiction and plans on seeing the movie this fall. Clog rating: While Berkeley is full of intelligent people, some of whom may have even skipped a grade or two, there is nothing quite like the
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By and By

Science fiction play ‘By and By’ considers ethical problems associated with cloning

Actors each take on several roles in thrilling drama from Shotgun Players

For its latest theatrical concoction, Shotgun Players has cooked up something like no other. Premiering this past weekend at The Ashby Stage was “By and By,” a new play written by San Francisco playwright Lauren Gunderson, a science fiction thriller that explores the realistic possibilities of cloning and the ethical
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‘Upstream Color’: a metaphysical rabbit hole

Early twentieth century Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov once observed that “everybody who cares for his art seeks the essence of his own technique.” Director Shane Carruth’s sophomore effort, the new film “Upstream Color,” strikes directly at this exploration; it is a sprawling, emotionally wrought movie whose abstract plot seems less
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