Why Oprah should be UC Berkeley’s Inspo

Ah. Ha. Aha. That’s the one. The moment we’ve all strive to have, the moment Oprah Winfrey so kindly coined for us. For us college students, many of us fondly remember coming home from elementary school and watching Oprah with our moms. Though Ellen Degeneres never fails to make us
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scone ingredients

Easy eggless scone recipe

When it’s Sunday morning, I often want to get creative for breakfast but don’t want to spend a lot of time actually cooking or shopping for fancy ingredients. I get tired of eating cereal and end up imagining myself eating a freshly baked scone with my cup of English Breakfast
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Play with your food: a scone recipe inspired by Harry Potter

We could kid ourselves and say UC Berkeley has always been our dream — that learning the earthly undertakings of modern chemistry and how to organize words in a an alluring manor truly fulfills the ongoing quest that is life. You and I, however, cannot admit to such a distortion of
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