5 stages of date party grief

Date party season is among us. Not only does this mean a “Lord of the Flies” situation will soon commence the race to find a date, but this also means that a lot of people will be going through the five stages of grief and stress in the days leading
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How to stay warm in Berkeley

With the winter months not too far ahead, and the weather (maybe) cooling down, it’s definitely time to start thinking about ways to stay warm and comfy in Berkeley. If you’re totally at a loss for how to keep your SoCal self cozy, have no fear, for the Clog’s here
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All of summer in five days

In T-minus six days, we’re going to be packing up our backpacks and walking up those infamous Berkeley hills to make it to lecture by ten after. For those of us who have been traveling or Netflix-surfing all summer, we’re somewhat (barely) ready and willing to go back to school —
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It’s fall, friends

It’s fall, friends! While Berkeley might still be in the heat of an Indian summer, it is officially fall. And, it has been for some time now. Grab your flannels, your most basic friends and go out and spend an excessive amount of money — and calories — on pumpkin spice
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To binge watch, or not to binge watch

Some people might count down the last month of school based on assignments and exams that have to be completed. But you, just by clicking on this article, are an exceptional type of person. You are the person who is probably in the middle of watching a TV series and wondering if it can
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