Berkeley can’t solve homelessness with arbitrary regulations

CITY ISSUES: City officials must produce constructive legislation without using dehumanizing rhetoric

If the city of Berkeley wants to create policies that foster a greater sense of community and “quality of life,” it should do so for all of its inhabitants — not just those who can afford Berkeley’s incredibly high housing costs.
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On learning to like falling

This spring break, while many UC Berkeley students were venturing away to warm and balmy places, or just lounging in the warm and balmy wonderfulness of Berkeley, I flew like a bird against the seasons up into the cold, wintery regions of Seattle, where I learned how to ski (more or
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Photo Essay: Venturing north

This spring break, I had the opportunity to travel through the Pacific Northwest to experience Seattle, Portland, and everything in between. Far from the typical, tropical spring break destinations of Mexico and Miami, we found ourselves immersed in the rainy and cold climate that persists in the Northwest most days
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