How to BS your way through discussion without doing any reading

It’s four weeks into the semester, and chances are you’re already swamped in extracurriculars, problem sets, upcoming midterms and a stack of endless readings. You have a discussion section coming up this week, and you’re definitely not about to sit down and read those dreaded 200+ pages. So, how are you going
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Types of people in your discussion section

After recently publishing a post on the different types of GSIs at UC Berkeley, we at the Clog decided to do a follow-up post on the different types of students in your discussion section. Each section is like a lottery; you might end up with five of your friends, or
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How to annoy the annoying people in discussion

Usually, we enter discussion sections with high expectations only to be blown away with the hopelessness of it all. One way to tell if discussion this semester will be awful is if the section is full of students who must say any thought that enters their mouth. Another way to tell is
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