Mercury 20 Gallery’s ‘Self-Portraits in the Age of Selfies’ expands the scope of self-portraiture

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In its latest exhibit, “Self-Portraits in the Age of Selfies,” Oakland’s Mercury 20 Gallery seeks to complicate the definition of a selfie. The exhibit is not a critique of the practice by any means but rather an expansion of what a selfie can be — beyond both the cell phone screen and traditional forms of self-portraiture.
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How well did you reconnect with your dog over break?

We’ve only been back to the daily grind of normal life for about a week, but thanks to the immediate barrage of midterms, papers and general stress (ASUC campaigns, anyone?) we all might find ourselves already needing a break. Thankfully, the memories of spring break are still fresh in our
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If this is you, your Tinder needs an intervention

No one jumps on the chance to admit that he or she engages in the infamous phone app Tinder due to its negative connotations, which often include superficiality and facilitating casual sex. Despite its seemingly shallow appearance-based matching process, its popularity does not cease, and UC Berkeley’s campus is no
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Would The Buddha have an Instagram: The Art of No-Selfie

I have been wondering lately if the Buddha, should the technology have been available, would have ever taken a selfie. I have a hard time imagining the slight man posing with his arm outstretched, Bodhi tree behind him, smiling to capture the moment of his enlightenment. But would he have
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Off the beat: Avoid becoming a slave to selfies

August was a good month for me. Not only did I cross 200 followers on Instagram, but I also reached 90 followers on Twitter. Did I follow anyone new last month? Maybe one or two people, but only when it didn’t disrupt my F-to-F (follower to following) ratio. Do my
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