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Thanksgiving break went by far too quickly, wouldn’t you all agree? There’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that there’s only one full week of school left, and the bad news is that finals are just around the corner. We all know this means that cramming
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Surviving rest of this semester

It’s finally here: one month until the end of the semester. While these next four weeks are bound to fly by, the obstacles standing inbetween you and winter break are daunting. All that’s apparent is that there are bound to be tears, sleepless nights and multiple declarations of running away
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Making meal points stretch to last the semester

When you come into a new semester, it can be confusing figuring out how to make your meal points last you the whole time. You’re given a lump sum of points and very little direction about how much you should be using them, what they really represent and where you can
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End of semester checklist

The end of the semester is just a week and a half away. So, as we Bears roll on into the middle of RRR week, let’s take a couple of minutes to reflect on all the achievements and moments of irresponsibility that made spring 2K16 so memorable. We at the Daily Clog
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Spring break regrets

Spring break was a long time coming, but didn’t waste any time going by. Now, it’s over too soon. There are some things you probably wish you’d done, and some more that you wish you hadn’t. We at the Clog have complied a list of the most common spring break regrets, so
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How to recover from the spring break slump

Returning to dull lectures after spending hours sunbathing and indulging in your mom’s cooking can seem impossible. Lingering suntans, slightly embarrassing pictures you’re now tagged in on Facebook and grogginess from long nights spent forgetting about midterms seem to be a part of a fantasy that is, unbelievably, already over.
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New year, new me: Myth or reality?

It’s not Jan. 1 anymore — it’s well into February. You know what that means. Where are we all at with our New Year resolutions? Have we all become the brand new people that we thought we would become? The hashtag #newyearnewme popped up all over our social media feeds in
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Semester goals you can actually keep

As a new semester stretches out before us all, we find ourselves pumped for new experiences. We’ve all made semester goal lists that include impossible tasks like reading every page of our textbooks or going to every class. But like our promises to ourselves to exercise every day and say
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