Dear Berkeley: How was your semester?

Another semester has come and gone. For some, it may have gone too fast, while others may be glad it’s over. As you wave goodbye to spring 2015, we at the Clog wanted to hear your parting thoughts. We interviewed some of our fellow Golden Bears and asked one simple
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Emotional stages leading up to the end of the semester

As the end of the semester rolls around, your emotions may be all over the place. There are so many things to consider, such as next year’s living arrangements, summer plans and above all, finals. Some days during the next month will be good, others will be bad. But generally, you’ll
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To binge watch, or not to binge watch

Some people might count down the last month of school based on assignments and exams that have to be completed. But you, just by clicking on this article, are an exceptional type of person. You are the person who is probably in the middle of watching a TV series and wondering if it can
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Spring break, the aftermath: How to get your groove back

Everyone say it with us: “We are back at school; spring break is over.” That wasn’t so hard, was it? Actually, it probably was. We’re sure that the last Sunday of spring break brought feelings of dread, anxiety and “bleeeeeh” just thinking about classes the next day. Sure, you’ll do the
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