Snapchat guide take two: the snappening

In our last Snapchat guide, we at the Clog provided some unbeatable tips on improving your Snapchat story. Now that summer has arrived and you’re separated from nearly everyone you know, social media will become an even more important part of communication in the coming months, especially with regards to any romantic
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Impossible UC Berkeley sex scenarios

It’s no secret that as young, collegiate adults, many of us are in our sexual prime. This is our time to try new things and get creative in — and out — of the bedroom. When esoteric sleep schedules are coupled with the perpetual pressure of work, sometimes our delirious
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Making partying safe, sexy and fun

I hadn’t even unpacked. But because the cute guy across the hall asked me to go, I found myself in a raging frat party on my first night in college. Like many other freshmen, I was there to scope the UC Berkeley party scene. It was my first frat party
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ArCATypes: And Best Speaker goes to …

Every year, dozens of these ceremonies pop out metal mini statues like popcorn — which would seem to devalue the act of being honored. But these ceremonies all culminate in the Oscars, which provides the ultimate form of career justification in the most widely consumed storytelling medium today.
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Costume inequalities

Salas in Solace

The month of October is marked by frantic polling, store hopping and Googling. Every year, it’s the same crisis over and over again that plagues me. What should I be for Halloween? Now, I understand that a lot of people don’t take Halloween all that seriously and that a coat
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Tom Hanks in "Cloud Atlas" and/or Tom Hanks in John Travolta's biopic.

Tom Hanks Tuesday: Hunk Hanks Returns!

I’m away for two weeks and now, there’s a shitstorm of news! Literally, in the case of our beloved Bay Area Rapid Transit. But, I mean specifically in terms of Tom Hanks news — the second most important type of news behind human excrement-related updates. So, there’s a lot of
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