SF Fringe Fest thrills despite minor theatrical missteps

‘Ballet Russe Spectacle Variete’ Before the show even started, the 10 actors involved in “Ballet Russe” commanded the tiny theater space. The elder characters, Sergei (Brian Mathis) and Natasha (Lori Saltis) greeted each audience member with stern admonitions to take a passport — the playbill — and a potato to
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Standup comedienne stands up for sushi servers

Fitzpatrick’s new standup performance about working in an exclusive sushi restaurant in Aspen, Colo., mixes an insider’s look at the outlandish lives of wealthy vacationers with quippy “service industry” humor and interwoven personal epiphanies.
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“Luna Noctiluca” is a biblical play not by the book

The story of Salome is anything but simple. It’s biblical and apocryphal, and great writers like Gustave Flaubert and Oscar Wilde have tried to pin it down into a story of sex or scandal or both. Playwright Brooke Silva takes this New Testament story and makes it into something modern
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