SF Pride 2015

22 thoughts we had during San Francisco Pride

The San Francisco Pride parade was filled with fun, rainbows and celebration. Here are some of the thoughts we at the Clog had while celebrating. We took the BART all the way to San Francisco for this. We need to get at least 10 amazing pictures out of this trip. My mom
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Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.17.01 PM

Picks of the Week

Couldn’t afford Coachella tickets? Go celebrate the blossoming of cherries instead! The 48th annual Cherry Blossom Festival will occur over the next two weekends in San Francisco’s Japantown. Check out all the performances and exhibits that make this festival so well known — the best part is that most events
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Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

Week in events: Jan. 25-30

Welcome to the first full week of school of second semester! You’re trying to balance seeing your friends again with buying your textbooks, getting back into the swing of your clubs with finding a summer internship, going to the new Safeway to put food back in your fridge with figuring out
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The trails are alive

One silent bird drifted seamlessly off into the distance as the fog crystallized into the morning sky. I felt something small open up as if I just found the key to my antique chest, and my heart and lungs and capillaries softly smiled at the world. I had made it
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The Toadies playing for a small club in Texas.

Texas band Toadies ready for anniversary tour

With this twenty year anniversary of Rubberneck, the Toadies are touring the states coinciding with the release of the remastered album. Up there with classic ’90s grunge albums such as Nirvana’s Nevermind, Pearl Jam’s Ten or Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple, Rubberneck is an album teething with harsh yet melodic guitar
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7 low-key things to do in San Francisco

As adventurous as we Golden Bears are, trekking to San Francisco can sometimes seem daunting. With our hectic weeks and midterm frenzy, weekend hibernation time is essential. Besides, we’ve seen Fisherman’s Wharf, we’ve “aw-ed” at the sea lions, we’ve treated ourselves to free chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and we can
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sf opera.Terrence McCarthy

SF Opera Orchestra enchants at Zellerbach Hall

When the lights turn off and the audience quiets down, most would find themselves in a movie theater with a coke in one hand and popcorn in the other. However, this last Sunday, dozens of people crowded around the famous San Francisco Opera Orchestra in Zellerbach Hall waiting for the
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