Annie Chang/Staff

Belli Osteria: artisanal pasta at its finest

The small, cozy and comfortable space does a great job enhancing Belli Osteria, a beautiful tavern. The Shattuck Avenue restaurant is located near many other gourmet restaurants, but it features some of the best Italian cuisine around because of its focus on pasta. Executive chef, Paul Oprescu, had a Romanian childhood involving hunting,
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Places of worship in Berkeley for many religions

Although religious affiliation in the United States is at its lowest point since the 1930s and recent studies show that 20 percent of Americans don’t identify with a faith, Berkeley has always nurtured an aura of religious freedom and encouraged exploration and appreciation of all theologies. As a student, you’ve likely
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Photo from “Early Day Trolleys of the East Bay” (The Western Railroader,
Vol. 22, No. 4; February 1959)

A brief history of Berkeley’s trolley system

In 1891, Berkeley ran its first electric streetcar down Grove Street (now Martin Luther King Jr. Way).  By 1912, you were never more than three blocks from a trolley line. In 1958, Berkeley’s last trolley ran its final run. When did we have such a brilliant public transportation system?   
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