Happy National Roof Over Your Head Day

As we get closer and closer to winter break, there are plenty of things to be thankful for: no more classes, finally getting to go home soon and the fact that we actually managed to survive another semester at one of the best universities in the world. Even though Thanksgiving was
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The Albany Bulb homeless problem has not been solved, merely relocated

As the rich of the Bay Area get richer, the poor only become more vulnerable. As we struggle toward a more equitable minimum wage and affordable care, we must keep in mind that the lower classes are often a single disaster away from prolonged camping, living in a vehicle or street-living homelessness. The people of the Albany Bulb were not all cheerful nomads nor lifelong outcasts nor any kind of outliers. Some of them are simply people who fell on hard times and have become living harbingers of the difficulty ahead. Perhaps the real nuisance is that they make our economic divide impossible to ignore.
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