Episode #9: Not Your Mama’s Sex Ed

Hard and Soft Final Image

Sex ed in high school isn’t too far off from that scene in “Mean Girls,” where we all get chlamydia and die. But some students are fighting the good fight to make sexual health and reproductive rights fun and accessible. Chris and Josh chat with one of these folks. Elizabeth
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Drunk sex isn’t always better, either

When I arrived at work a couple weeks ago, my email inbox was inundated with emails about the most recent Sex on Tuesday column, titled “Sober isn’t always better.” My initial reaction was, “I don’t understand why people even continue to read this column” — I sure don’t waste my
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Trojan gives us a grade – on sexual health

We’re in school — yay! And we get grades — yay again! So why not get another one? Trojan (“America’s #1 condom”) came out with its annual Sexual Health Report Card and gave us here at UC Berkeley another, you guessed it, grade. The good news: we went from being
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Free condoms on Upper Sproul!

Ok, for those of you who actually know me, you already know how excited I get when free condoms are being conveniently given out. This girl has yet to spend money on condoms — and let’s keep it that way. So of course I decided to come back to Upper
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