Lion King NY

‘Lion King’ still reigns supreme at SHN Orpheum Theatre

The piercing opening line of “The Lion King” translates from Zulu to “Here comes the lion.” Lions do come, and so do giraffes and bison and gazelles and panthers, parading down the aisles leaving dropped jaws and misty eyes in their wake. Before anyone has time to settle into their
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Zoe Kleinfeld’s Picks of the Week

Scary Halloween Story Night 2013 Once upon a time, there was an axe-murderer who wreaked havoc on the town and was never seen again (cue screams from the audience). Remember when Halloween was about the terror, haunted houses had dry-ice-laden punch that bubbled over plastic cauldrons and that creepy neighbor
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“Priscilla Queen of the Desert” is a musical oasis

A campy family drama, a play about sexuality and violence, a witty trio of drag queens on a road trip in the vast Australian interior, a compulsively singable musical and an extravagant pageant of costumes. The story follows them through love and heartbreak, gay-bashing and the mercurial nature of show
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