Best items to buy at Bear Market

As we near the end of the semester, quite a few of us are realizing that we have way too many meal points left, probably because of all those times we opted for Artichoke Basille’s pizza or boba rather than going to the dining halls. Since it would be such
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Joe Wright/File

Best discounts for students in Berkeley

College is expensive. Unfortunately, that’s the sad, stark reality of our lives right now. After buying all the required textbooks and course readers, our wallets are getting a bit thin. But that’s not all. We also need to buy food, pay rent, do laundry— the list goes on and on.
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Kayaking in La Jolla

The Kayak Chronicles

The kayak shop ran like a makeshift haven for surfers, dropouts and convicted felons. Our boss, Jimmy, was of the dropout faction since he left some Arizona college in the ’80s to move back home and marry his high-school sweetheart. Or so it went, according to the girls who worked
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