Big bad “Woolf” bares its teeth at Shotgun Players

Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is set in a fictional university town called New Carthage, a reference to the ancient city destroyed by Roman forces after a century-long series of wars. Albee’s 1962 play certainly feels like it documents a century’s worth of warfare — only, it’s the
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The Village Bike

‘The Village Bike’ crashes straight into sexist territory

Becky, a schoolteacher, is pregnant. Because of this, her husband no longer wants to have sex with her. Confined to their new, fixer-upper home in the English countryside during summer vacation, a frustrated Becky seeks to fulfill her sexual desires in other ways: with porn, masturbation, an affair with a
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The Rover

Topsy-turvy world of ‘The Rover’ delights audiences

The set of Shotgun Players’ “The Rover” is built ever so slightly askew. Sloping gently to one side, the tilted stage is the perfect nod to “The Rover’s” setting: 17th century Naples during the Carnival celebration, a time of masked revelry during which the seriousness of everyday life is set
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‘Heart Shaped Nebula’ tugs on heartstrings

Oakland’s Shotgun Players presents the first full production of “Heart Shaped Nebula,” a tragic love story written by Bay Area local Marisela Trevino Orta. The play blends astronomy, myth and the supernatural, delving into questions of love after death through the experience of a man who lost his fiancee on
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