‘Harry Thaw’ is provocative but disappoints

The lights grow dim, and the infamous Evelyn Nesbit (Rosie Hallett) appears under a spotlight on stage. With all eyes on her, she begins a monologue, describing a series of events based on an early-20th-century scandal. A glimpse into a provocative piece of gossip, this monologue builds into “Harry Thaw
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Oboes, Judaism combine in confusing yet unique show

As the play opens, Josh Kornbluth’s so-called personal trainer comes onstage to announce his entrance: “Josh has made a living telling stories about things he failed to do.” “Sea of Reeds,” the locally renowned monologuist’s latest work, was commissioned by Shotgun Players. Kornbluth, a Berkeley resident, has written and performed
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By and By

Science fiction play ‘By and By’ considers ethical problems associated with cloning

Actors each take on several roles in thrilling drama from Shotgun Players

For its latest theatrical concoction, Shotgun Players has cooked up something like no other. Premiering this past weekend at The Ashby Stage was “By and By,” a new play written by San Francisco playwright Lauren Gunderson, a science fiction thriller that explores the realistic possibilities of cloning and the ethical
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Shotgun Players’ ‘Assassins’ kills it

How could one little man cause such universal grief and anguish? More importantly, why would he?” These stimulating questions blossomed into the 1990 musical “Assassins,” a spectacle that lures its audience into a world suspended in time and space, alternating between fiction and history to create a “dreamlike vaudeville” in
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