VMAs descend into mediocrity

The MTV Video Music Awards have never been about subtlety. Since its inception in the 1980s, the MTV’s trademark summer entertainment has been notorious for throwing prestige to the sidelines and letting spectacle takes the stage. The show has cultivated numerous iconic and scandalous pop culture moments, from Britney Spears’
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A humble narcissist

It was cool at the time

For a long time, I thought my tendency to come off as incredibly confident despite being so shy meant that I was being fake or inauthentic.
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2016 album of the year fantasy draft

There is no denying that 2016 was the year that the album bounced back. Whether you spent days waiting for the prolonged release of Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, or months scouting out Frank Ocean’s whereabouts, the return of the album turned the release of music into an experiential event
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Five melodies for the dead end

1.  “Started From The Bottom” — Drake Indeed, after RRR week Spring 2016 happened, nothing was the same. We don’t like to do too much explainin’ , as we have realized by now that whining is not going to get us anywhere.  It’s been all about working days and nights in an attempt to validate for
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Sia performs impressively with ‘This Is Acting’

Sia does her job well. She has released six studio albums in a wide range of genres from indie to rock to pop. She gained international recognition and commercial success as a singer after David Guetta used her demo for “Titanium” in 2011, finally launching her incredible and unique voice
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