Does Burning Man work?

Dragging myself out of the Nevada desert after a week of aimless exploration at Burning Man, I hungered for a receptacle for my reflections. I was confident clicking through a few reviews and photo essays would make sense of my mystical, dust-filled dreams. I was surprised to find, though, that
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Where are the women?

D ammit, 45 minutes late again. That means I’ll get the cramped elevator for sure. If one more old man stares at my boobs I swear — “Namaste, madam.” “Namaste, sirji, how are you?” “Very good, thank you madam. Where shall I drive you today?” “The Secretariat — but I’m
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"Captain Fantastic" | Wilson Webb/Bleecker Street Grade: B

‘Captain Fantastic’ is almost, but not quite fantastic

“If there’s any sort of message about parenting or living, it’s about seeking balance,” said Matt Ross, the Berkeley-based director and screenwriter of “Captain Fantastic.” The message sounds reasoned, if well-worn. The route that “Captain Fantastic” takes to get to that message, from deep in the forests of the Pacific
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Look Back At It

For years my mother would not allow me to make myself a social media profile. “You’re you in real life!” she said. “Why do you need to be you online, too?” Her reasoning was not entirely wrong. It also was not entirely convincing. In the eighth grade, I splashed into
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