Check your code

Cracking the Code Ceiling

Over the years, I’ve learned to fully embrace myself as a coder regardless of the sexist stereotypes forcing me into a box I can never fill. I refuse to be silenced by those who distrust my coding abilities as a woman in STEM.
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The dark side of screens

Mommy Issues

My son has been watching children’s shows since he was a year old. Of course, during the first couple of months of parenting, I swore that I wouldn’t be the parent who let her child watch television at such a young age. During pregnancy, when I saw many parents shamelessly
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Social media hits the fan

Miss Communication

In 2011, seven years after Mark Zuckerberg sat in a Harvard dorm room and birthed a monstrosity, I made my Facebook profile. For someone born in the very last years of the 20th century, that was considered late. I sat at a school computer, a black, bulky Windows desktop. Of
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Here and away

Between America and Me

I’m a sucker for self-help routines. Over the years, I have compiled a rulebook of life advice ranging from “hacks” I borrowed from Silicon Valley gurus to virtues I learned from my grandparents. Sometimes these hacks entail waking up at 3 a.m. for an oddly specific meditation regimen or taking
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Beyond the valley

Laid Bear

Like any other freshman, I weaved in and out of club tables on Sproul Plaza, desperate to find a community to call my own. Having no finance or business background and keen to know more, I went to the popular consulting clubs to learn more about their work, soon realizing
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