A slice of the truth: Does Sliver Pizzeria actually donate to anti-human trafficking nonprofits?

Sliver, until recently, claimed on its website to have given monthly “financial and/or moral” donations to at least three anti-human trafficking organizations. Two of these nonprofits, however, have not received donations in at least four years, and one of these nonprofits — Not For Sale, an international San Francisco-based nonprofit — has no record of any donations by Sliver.
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Maggie Soun/File

Sliver Pizzeria to open new location in Downtown Berkeley

After Sliver Pizzeria moved from its original location in Downtown Berkeley to Telegraph Avenue, regulars in the Downtown area wondered if they could ever love pizza again. Sliver announced Wednesday, however, that it will be returning to Downtown Berkeley to open up a second location, according to a tweet posted on the pizzeria’s Twitter.
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7 meals around campus for less than $7

As a college student, you dread the steadily dropping numbers on your bank account and cry at the sight your piling credit card bills. With most of your expenses going toward tuition and rent, the money left over can barely cover the essentials. Can you really afford to go to
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