7 meals around campus for less than $7

As a college student, you dread the steadily dropping numbers on your bank account and cry at the sight your piling credit card bills. With most of your expenses going toward tuition and rent, the money left over can barely cover the essentials. Can you really afford to go to
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Center Street cravings

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat after hopping off the Downtown Berkeley BART fresh from a day of interning or simply looking to get out of the Southside slump, the food on Center Street has got you covered. It’s much more than the street that satisfies your frappuccino
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Underrated places to eat in Berkeley

Berkeley is the home to many authentic restaurants, diners, grills and shacks to grab food across all sorts of cuisines. Despite living in a town with enough options that you could eat at a new place every day, we tend to visit the usual favorites over and over again. In
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Where to find dinner and live music in Berkeley

Looking for a way to liven up your eating experience? Try dining at these Berkeley eateries, which offer both dinner and live music. Cheeseboard Whether you’re eating indoors at a table or outside on the street island, Cheeseboard’s live music is an essential part of the Cheeseboard experience. A variety
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