72 hours of Homecoming

No matter what your plans — going to the football game, showing off Berkeley to your parents or visiting your alma mater — Homecoming weekend is going to be hectic.
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Center Street cravings

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat after hopping off the Downtown Berkeley BART fresh from a day of interning or simply looking to get out of the Southside slump, the food on Center Street has got you covered. It’s much more than the street that satisfies your frappuccino
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Brenna Alexander/File

A found poem from Berkeley Yelp reviews

Yelp reviews are partially valuable for deciding where to eat, but mostly valuable for entertainment purposes. At the Clog, one of our favorite hobbies might or might not be reading these reviews and finding the funniest ones. And, of course, we obviously love writing, so we crafted a found poem. What’s a found
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An ode to Zachary’s Pizza

I’ve had it with Sliver’s bougie vegetarian pies and absurd (though delicious) minty dipping sauce. Don’t even get me started on the pinnacle of self-righteous foodism that is the beloved Cheeseboard. All I want is a downright saucy and unapologetically cheesy meal, one that is both sturdier than a Chemistry textbook and tastier than your average
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