Socially acceptable white items after Labor Day

Most of us have heard of the fashion rule “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Apparently, Labor Day marks the end point for summer fashion and the incoming of fall fashion. Personally, we at the Clog have never quite understood this phenomenon. But a week past that fateful day, we’ve caught ourselves thinking up some sneaky and socially acceptable ways to incorporate white into our lives even after Labor Day.
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How to break the ice when it’s already slushy

You’ve all heard that corny pick-up line: “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!” Well, with only five weeks left until the end of the semester, you might be wondering how it’s possible to get to know people so close to finals. Don’t fret — the
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How to react to awkward encounters on campus

UC Berkeley is a rather large school with about 26,000 undergraduate students. It’s no wonder that you can’t remember the name of every person you’ve ever met here. But oddly enough, you remember their faces, right? So what do you do when you awkwardly run in to people around campus who
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