Off the Grid off to rough 4th start in Berkeley

Food truck owners and local shop vendors were hoping the fourth time could be the charm for Off the Grid, which returned to Berkeley on Sunday, but overcast skies and low turnout put a damper on what many had hoped would be a vibrant comeback for the street food market.
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Cafe de Paris, Cooking Class

Chopped: Berkeley restaurants edition

Welcome to tonight’s episode of Chopped, where we’re featuring some of the most remarkable late-night chefs in the noted foodie enclave of Berkeley — birth of the farm-to-table movement and home to a campus full of promising young gastronomes. Eligible for competition were renowned restauranteurs at such high-end establishments as
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A friendly map of international food in Berkeley

You’re far from home and looking for something to fill the food-shaped hole in your heart. Chances are, nothing out here is going beat your mama’s cooking, but lucky for you, Berkeley is chock full of international food to satisfy your cravings. We’ve mapped out some of our favorite places near campus to help you get a little taste of home.
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An interview with Smoke’s Poutinerie’s Danny Rodriguez

Owner Danny Rodriguez first decided that he wanted to open up a Berkeley franchise of the well-known Canadian establishment while shooting a film in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After a long day of filming “Strings,” a title later changed to “Bravetown,” Rodriguez found immediate comfort in a steaming box of french fries, gravy and cheese
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