Finals smoothie

This smoothie recipe is rad for when you’re running out to a study session at some point this week or for that 8 a.m. final. Juice it up, Bears!
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7 meals around campus for less than $7

As a college student, you dread the steadily dropping numbers on your bank account and cry at the sight your piling credit card bills. With most of your expenses going toward tuition and rent, the money left over can barely cover the essentials. Can you really afford to go to
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Raspberry orange smoothie

Summer may be a thing of the past, but the summer staple of smoothies certainly isn’t. With the weather reaching the mid-80s this weekend, stay cool with this tart and creamy drink that’s sure to keep you refreshed. Plus, midterms are just around the corner and a raspberry orange smoothie is
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Summer drinks, cocktails roundup

This summer Eating Berkeley brought you a medley of delicious and refreshing summer drinks and cocktails. Though the cloudy, grey days have been signaling the return of pumpkin spice and hot chocolate, we at the Clog aren’t quite ready to let go of the sunny days of the past. With game days coming up and the promise of catching some rays in the next couple weeks, we thought we’d share our most thirst-quenching and revitalizing drinks. We made you smoothies and sodas, martinis and mojitos, but mostly we guzzled gin like our very lives depended on it. So read up, plan a party, sunbathe and have your muddler at the ready, but most importantly, enjoy.
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Vitamina de abacate

Now that the semester has started, it seems like summer is finally over. We’re going back to school, back to work and back to single-serving frozen dinners. But even though colder weather is coming to us, for half the world the summer is just getting started. Let’s take a foray into
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Breakfast meal prep

Let’s face it, once classes pick up again, you probably won’t want to spend hours cooking breakfast in your apartment every week. Luckily, there’s a way you can avoid having to do that, and still be able to enjoy your own home cooked, and relatively inexpensive, meals. The answer to
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smoothie bowl

Healthy summer smoothie bowl

Are you looking for a healthy summer treat that will beat the heat while packing in protein and other nutrients? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Smoothie bowls have quickly gained popularity in the past few years and are often seen on celebrities’ Instagrams and are mentioned by countless
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green smoothie

Best smoothies in Berkeley

This past week, we were blessed with nice, sunny and gorgeous weather. Though the weather has since taken a turn for the less pleasant, while it was still nice, we at Eating Berkeley went out on a mission to find the best smoothies in area. Here are some of our favorites.
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