How to be as low maintenance as possible

As the semester drags on and midterms and papers continue to slap us in the face, the struggle to get out of bed and put effort into looking presentable for our tragically difficult days as UC Berkeley students becomes more and more real. Now that you’re at the halfway point
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A guide to spring pantry essentials

Midterm season is wrapping up soon and amid the need to get done with your laundry lies the task of dealing with a desolate fridge. It is very easy to just pick up tortilla chips and sugary cookies, but these are not the healthiest of options. We at the Clog
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How to eat healthy using just meal points

It is a common misconception that pursuing ‘clean eating’ with a meal plan is as difficult as trying to attend every single 8 a.m. lecture. How are they analogous? They both start off with a heightened sense of optimism, only to be doused by that piece of pecan pie at
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Forget coffee: morning beverage replacements

As college students, we’re all addicted to caffeine. We need our morning cups of coffee in the morning, or we end up walking around pissed at the world because of our exhaustion and headaches. We often forget that there are plenty of other drinks that can wake us up in
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