Best items to buy at Bear Market

As we near the end of the semester, quite a few of us are realizing that we have way too many meal points left, probably because of all those times we opted for Artichoke Basille’s pizza or boba rather than going to the dining halls. Since it would be such
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Pat Brown's

Best meal point food on campus

Meal points seem bad when you have them as a freshman, but once you lose that meal plan, they seem like the greatest thing to ever have existed. No more chicken quesadillas from Golden Bear Café when you’re running late to class and need something quick; no more chicken tenders and
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What frats could serve instead of Vitali

As the start of the school year gets under way, the men in fraternity houses seem intent on serving as much Vitali as physically possible in order to make sure everyone forgets about this upcoming ordeal. Although the sight of freshmen shuddering with each shot is amusing, there’s definitely room for improvement
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Lazy Break Snacks

Lazy break snacks

The last thing anyone wants to do over break is work, and as much as we all love eating, food preparation can sometimes be a lot of work. Cooking is a hassle, and the clean-up process is an even larger inconvenience. You can’t even bring yourself to think about planning a full-blown
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Spring break road trip essentials

Spring break is almost upon us, and we at the Clog are sure many of you have plans to take an exciting road trip to some exotic destination, such as San Diego or even Los Angeles. Well, we like to consider ourselves experts on all things road trip and, as
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