Healthy food for your residence hall room

When you’re living in the residence halls, it’s easy to resort to unhealthy habits — such as skipping breakfast every morning or piling mounds of chicken tenders and spicy waffle fries onto your plate at Crossroads every night — but it doesn’t always have to be like that! We at the
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almond butter

Healthy snacks for your residence hall room

It’s easy to fall into the trap of stress-eating regrettable junk food. We make excuses, such as saying that finding healthy options costs more than a college student can afford. But it’s time to stop that and start eating cautiously. Here at the Clog, we’ve organized a list of our
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How old are the vending machines, anyway?

Disclaimer: All the hypotheses are meant to satire the number of broken machines on campus and have nothing to do with either the company or the machines it manufactures. The mysteries behind our school’s vending machines are demystified by just one call to the Canteen Company, which provides the vending
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Tips for the perfect picnic in Berkeley

Picnics make the act of eating any food — from egg salad sandwiches to fruit salads — infinitely more whimsical and romantic. Seeing as the sun has been shining brightly over Berkeley lately, it seems like the perfect time to grab your picnic basket, your gingham cotton blanket and some
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Do our favorite childhood snacks still taste as good?

Every day when I was in first through fourth grade, I would open up my Looney Tunes lunchbox and pull out a turkey and cheese sandwich that my mother had lovingly squished together that morning. Between disheartened munches of my sandwich, I would glare jealously over at the “lucky kids”
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Everything pumpkin: Trader Joe’s edition

The air is full of Halloween spirit this week. In the midst of the crisp and chilly holiday season, we invite you to cuddle up with pumpkins this week. We’ve rounded up six autumn-inspired, limited edition goodies from Trader Joe’s. Check them out! 1. Pumpkin Waffles Frozen waffles are perfect for
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What to buy on your next Trader Joe’s run

Whether you’ve been living in Berkeley for the last two months or the last three years, you’ve almost certainly come to realize that Trader Joe’s is the go-to grocery market for many campus students. Because of its variety of delicious and health-conscious options, it’s pretty easy to see why. We at the
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Snack food rising: return of the Twinkie

After the travesty of Hostess closing down this last November, a fair amount of ruckus resulted from the end of its legendary junk food snack known as the Twinkie. People around the world mourned the loss of the delightfully unhealthy snack. Those who decisively took action dealt with the news
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