7 signs you’re over winter break

Don’t get us wrong: We at the Clog love winter break. We get food cooked for us and laundry done for us and can wear red without being booed out of the house. There comes a time, however, when we have to admit that we’re, well, over it. Here are seven
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The gospel of Snapchat

Millennial Meltdown

I’m no ghost expert. Nor do I imagine, based on the drawing of the ghost on the application icon, is Snapchat. But I would hazard to guess that ghosts are either invisible or, on the whole, fairly inconspicuous.
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Love Don’t Cost a Thing

They met on a sticky September day in Wheeler Hall. He was streaming House of Cards on his computer. She was adding a selfie to her Snapchat story. Heat emanated as the air of an unfinished question lingered between them. The question was, “Is Air Bears down?” The answer was yes.
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The struggle of summer finals as told through Berkeley Snaps

Are you known for your witty one-liners or hilarious observations on Snapchat? Then you may have been featured on the Facebook page Berkeley Snaps without even knowing it. Berkeley Snaps, started earlier this year, is a popular page where you can send your Snapchats to the Snapchat “BerkeleySnaps” or message them on
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New Snapchat allows for fearless drunk texting

The newest update to Snapchat now allows for live chatting!  If you’ve become disinterested in Snapchat (although we don’t know how anyone could get tired of taking selfies), it’s time for you to update the app and let shameless self-absorption take over your life. Here are some of the new features: new
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Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 2.45.26 PM

Get ‘Lucky’ every day with this new app

Berkeley students are known for a variety of things — good grades, protesting, an undeniable love of boba and being incredibly unlucky in regards to football. However, with the creation of new app “Lucky” from Cal grads Jon Liu and Jeff Wang, students at Berkeley can be the most connected too.
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Is Facebook losing its ‘cool’ factor?

Last week, Facebook made a $3 billion offer to buy Snapchat. Snapchat surprised the public — but it turns out the tech world wasn’t as shocked as we were. Snapchat’s 23-year-old co-founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel, managed to make a smart decision (which is shocking, considering he is a Stanfurd dropout). So, why would
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The struggles of Snapchat in college life

Every Snapchat user has been there. We understand the pain of taking 30 Snapchat pictures to find the perfect combination of “ugly-cute” when trying to Snapchat back the cute boy or girl that you met in class. We get the weird looks from older people who just don’t understand what
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