Attention, please

Reading life closely

My attention is a currency, passed between entities at the rate of a fraction of a penny per visit, per minute. Thinking about it for too long disturbs me.
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That new cool kid lingo

From Snapchat stories to Memes for Edgy Teens, it seems as though it’s impossible to keep up with the latest trends of the interwebs. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in thinking that social media is a confusing and complicated world to navigate. To make matters worse, slang on Facechat and Instabook is
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Remembering names mid-semester

We’ve all been there: It’s the middle of semester, you’re sitting next to the person you’ve talked to in your math discussion for the last two months, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember their name for the life of you. We at the Clog understand how awkward
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Teen on phone

Our teen years vs. theirs

It’s only been a few years since most of us were teens. We at the Clog, however, have noticed quite the cultural shift between norms and trends when we were teens compared to norms and trends for teens in 2016. The ways in which youth culture has changed is as
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A little goes a long way

Off the Beat

Saturday marked the fourth full day that my phone had been dead. I realized this as I woke up that afternoon a little hungover, covered in sweat and glitter, alone in my small, hot apartment. My foggy but glamorous head decided that it was probably time to fix that and
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