Why we should stop hating social media

Social media is the kid we all love to hate. Sure, we were all cozy at first. That was, like, 2008. But eventually, we realized the truth: Sites such as Facebook and Google Plus are actually colossal time sinks that lead to nothing at all. Or are they? Sure, you’ll
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idk how 2 english

If you’re a Tumblr user, chances are you’ve seen a post similar to this one: As someone who has a sense of humor but also cares about the rules of language, I feel torn whenever I come across a post like this. Do I laugh at what I’m reading, or
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Off the beat: Avoid becoming a slave to selfies

August was a good month for me. Not only did I cross 200 followers on Instagram, but I also reached 90 followers on Twitter. Did I follow anyone new last month? Maybe one or two people, but only when it didn’t disrupt my F-to-F (follower to following) ratio. Do my
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How technology hurts us

Snapshot of the most depressing thing we’ve laid our eyes on in a while: two nicely dressed young adults, presumably on a date, sitting across from each other in total silence, ignoring one another for the entertainment of their respective smartphones. Unfortunately, this is not that outlandish of a sight.
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Plugging into literature

A torrent of words and information — PowerPoint slides, textbook pages, text messages, Tumblr posts — pervades every moment of a college student’s day. The act of reading consumes class and homework time, and perusing blog posts and Facebook messages fills leisure time. Understandably, this endless stream of letters has left
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Social networking

NATIONAL ISSUES: A survey reveals that law schools are more likely to scan the Internet during admissions — applicants beware.

In applying to law school, the next person to peruse your Facebook profile may not be the attractive economics major in your public policy class. This social media inspector could very well be a law school admissions officer. Law schools are more likely to search for an applicant online than
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Be here now

“I might stay in and study tonight,” remarked a friend of mine recently. “But I’ll probably end up with FOMO and just go out anyway.” FOMO? Is this some kind of new martial art, I wondered? FOMO, as I learned, stands for “Fear Of Missing Out,” and it has become
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