Imad Pasha/Senior Staff

Solange gets cut off after late start in headlining set

Sunday | Sutro Stage

Fans were chanting “Solange, Solange!” as the delay to the singer’s set stretched past the 15-minute mark — those near the front cheered at the emergence of every sheepish sound technician who had to fiddle with a keyboard or mic. Their anticipation was fully warranted; when Solange appeared on stage,
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Tunesday: “I love my blackness”

If there was ever a time to celebrate Blackness in an age featuring systemic oppression, cultural appropriation and an orange-haired “politician” running for office, 2016 would be it. Bold, unapologetic and completely no-holds-barred, this year has produced spectacular artistry from Black musicians that would give Taylor Swift and her squad
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Tunesday: Soundtrack to prevent the ‘dying’ in studying

Not only will this Tunesday help convince your parents that you’re not throwing away your tuition, it might actually help you fight through what seem like endless distractions — streaming Netflix, shamelessly dancing around the house in your PJs for three hours too long, fighting the urge to just nap
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