The privilege of choice: A rediscovery of Islam


College years are our defining years. We’re free from parents (for the most part, that is, if you’re not Brown like me) and most of us are living on our own, making our own decisions, so it’s motivating and inspiring to see the Muslim youth cling to their religion autonomously.
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turmeric latte

The real ‘gold’ in golden milk

For years, Indian homemakers have been offering their young ones a simple golden-hued drink, termed in Hindi as “haldi doodh.” This served as a simple technique to soothe even the harshest of throat aches, lessen body pain or aid in reducing fever. Today, cafes across the globe are taking this
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Vishnu and Garuda Save the King of the Elephants (Gajendra Maksh

BAM exhibit gives visions of human nature

From the far depths of the mystic East — where the seed grows strong, the jungles run deep and the artist stands proud — comes Berkeley Art Museum’s exhibition “The Elephant’s Eye: Artful Animals in South & Southeast Asia.” BAM now houses a sublime collection of more than 30 pieces
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Partition survivors describe their firsthand experiences of the event in 1947. Matthew Lee/Staff

‘Art for Partition’ benefit event at Berkeley SkyDeck

“Art for Partition,” an event held Saturday in downtown Berkeley, sought to raise funds for the preservation of stories from survivors of the Partition of 1947 in South Asia. The Partition of 1947 involved the division of colonial India into the sovereign states of Pakistan and India after the dissolution
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