Studying abroad or staying local


I realized that my obsession with globetrotting did not necessarily stem from a need to explore new locations, but a need to continuously challenge myself and expand my worldview. By fleshing this out, I was able to separate my experiences from the destinations themselves.
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Full Buckets, Empty Buckets

Bucket lists. For many, they’re merely a catalogue of what one hopes to achieve in his or her lifetime: a list with the harsh potential to turn into could haves or should haves or what-ifs, should those items on the list not be attended to. I find, as a first
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Vishnu and Garuda Save the King of the Elephants (Gajendra Maksh

BAM exhibit gives visions of human nature

From the far depths of the mystic East — where the seed grows strong, the jungles run deep and the artist stands proud — comes Berkeley Art Museum’s exhibition “The Elephant’s Eye: Artful Animals in South & Southeast Asia.” BAM now houses a sublime collection of more than 30 pieces
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