For Kyle, who changed the movies I love

Mind the Gap

Kyle’s excitement made my heart flutter. The movie was his — he sent me blocks of exclamation marks and little hearts, unwittingly coloring in magic marker hues over my tangle of nerves.
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Rogue Mold: (Sort of) a Star Wars Story

Last year on the Sunday night before Dead Week, I walked into my residence hall and something felt wrong. No, something smelt wrong. It was like the soggy fur of a tauntaun that had just sprinted through 10,000 parsecs of bantha fodder, only to take an unjustifiably long dip in
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Why comics matter

Comic books are a fascinating subject that, over the last few decades, have caught on in academia and mainstream news outlets such as the New York Times, which published a piece on comics series that would make good TV shows. However, writing about why people should read more of them
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