Quiz: Which Halloween candy are you?

With Halloween coming up, it’s no surprise that candy’s on everyone’s mind. Oh, candy. Miracle bites of joy and bliss. What would we ever do without it? It’s our rock, our stronghold, the anchor to our busy, stress-filled college lives. Whether it be popping a few Skittles in our mouth
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Sproul at Night

Late night on Sproul

Let’s face it, Sproul during the day can be a little overwhelming. Crowds, bikes, scooters, one-wheeled skateboards, tablers and flyers galore. You probably avoid it during peak times, even. But what happens when the sun goes down and you have no choice but to make the trek through Sproul while
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Desiree Diaz/Staff

Coolest places on campus to throw a Halloween party

With Halloween coming up in only a couple of days, we bet you’ve been sitting in the North Reading Room, attempting to study for midterms, thinking, “This would be an awesome place to throw a Halloween party.” Well, that’s weird — that’s exactly what we were thinking! So we put
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