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Why do we care?

Giants or Dodgers, Cal or Stanford, Warriors or everyone else — it doesn’t matter what side a sports fan picks. At the end of the day, we’re all on the same team: the team that loves sports.
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A copy editor’s field journal

Of course, I don’t tell him that copy editing just feels intrinsically satisfying. I don’t tell him that it allows me some miniscule amount of order and linear progression as I come to terms with the notion that I, as a freshman, can only pretend to have plans for my own future.
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Professors: looking to connect just like us

On a campus where relevance is of the utmost importance, often times even our educators participate in the quest to be culturally adept. Though we attend the number one public university in the world, our professors are still mortal (with a few exceptions of course), and try to connect with
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homecoming football dresses

What should you wear to Homecoming 2016?

The homecoming game is an exciting part of the fall semester here at UC Berkeley. Parents, alumni and fans from all over are here to cheer on our Bears, and nothing feels better. For some of you freshmen, you may not know what to expect from homecoming in college. Well
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