Cal football head coach Sonny Dykes came into the Daily Cal office for an exclusive interview.

New sheriff in town: Sonny Dykes’ vision for Cal football

Five months into the job, Sonny Dykes envisions his program to go beyond winning football games. He wants to redefine what Cal football means to the Berkeley community.

Sonny Dykes has two young daughters at home, but when he arrives at work every day, he transforms into a surrogate parent of nearly 100 men. Before and after practice, he mingles with his players, cracking light-hearted jokes and dispensing life advice to his players. From the upper stands of
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men's soccer christian dean screenshot

Embracing new roots: Christian Dean’s family tree

In January 2010, Christian Dean uprooted his life in California to settle in Montana. He announced the decision to his parents at a family gathering in Great Falls, Mont. I’m not leaving, Dean said. I’m staying right here with Josh. Dean wanted to stay and live with his biological older
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The fire inside: Pieter Lehrer’s determination

All his life, Cal men’s soccer coach Pieter Lehrer has been setting up and knocking down goals like dominoes. His journey to Berkeley was no different.

The road to the Olympics started with a question. It was May of 1994, and brothers Pieter and Jacob Lehrer lived across the street from one another in Santa Rosa, Calif. They did everything together as children and adulthood didn’t bring a change. The brothers ran a maintenance company together.
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Lindsay Gottlieb, the Cal women's basketball team's first-year head coach, has lofty aspirations for the Bears.

She got swag

Lindsay Gottlieb has the tools and the personality to take Cal women’s basketball to the next level.

Lindsay Gottlieb might have been the happiest person in Berkeley. In front of a crowd of just over 500, the new Cal women’s basketball coach and her team put on a spectacular debut, thrashing Vanguard in a 99-58 exhibition beatdown. During the post-game conference, the excited Gottlieb was doing the
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Break on through (to the other side)

Katie Benz was in the midst of a breakout senior year for the Cal women’s soccer team when she was sidelined with a broken leg. Now she is leading the team from the sideline.

As Katie Benz sits on the bench and watches her teammates play in the last home match against Utah, all she can notice is how slow the time is moving on the clock. Every second seems to stretch out longer than the last one, every pass slower than the previous.
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